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Welcome to the PS Marketing & Outsourcing GmbH

The PS Marketing und Outsourcing GmbH offers the same portfolio of services as the PS Pharma Service GmbH, but chooses additional specialized partner companies according to the offer requested by the customer.
PS Marketing und Outsourcing GmbH also handles the long-term organization, planning and execution of projects that are largely or completely "outsourced" by the customer.


Based on the sales forecasts of all customers, we do not only offer full batch production from the manufacturer, but also individually tailored purchase of partial batches. 
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In cooperation with PS Pharma Service GmbH we offer packaging of small batches up to packaging of whole bulk batches.
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These two project examples illustrate the advantages for both pharmaceutical companies and the respective manufacturers resulting from cooperation with us. 
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We are here for you

Are you a producer of narcotics and looking for a distribution partner? Do you have questions about our extensive range of services or our specialized partner companies? Our experts are there for you personally and will answer your questions. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.
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Your advantages at a glance

Reducing costs due to complete outsourcing

PS Marketing und Outsourcing GmbH is specialized in the handling of narcotics and offers a full range of services in this field - starting with careful planning, logistics, financial processing up to the complete narcotic responsibility.

Risk minimization through small minimum purchase quantities

With appropriate sales forecasts, we plan a permanent bulk stock and pack in quantities that are precisely tailored to the subsidiaries' needs. This enables us to assemble even the smallest batches.


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